One Trip Shipping Containers

One trip ("New") containers are the superior shipping container in any market.  With a clean exterior and interior, these boxes are supreme, both structurally and aesthetically.  You will notice the cargo doors work flawlessly.  All one trip shipping containers are guaranteed a tight seal and have a convenient "lock box", to help fight against the risk of potential break in.  One trip shipping containers are perfect for personal storage on ones property, if cosmetics is a big concern.  One trip containers also work great for projects and custom build outs.  Take a look at our Concepts & Design page to see what we're working on now!

Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers

Cargo Worthy (CW) shipping containers are sound units that are guaranteed wind and watertight (WWT).  Having been out on the open ocean for a number of years, CW shipping containers are subject to exterior rust, dings, and dents.  With that being said, the structural integrity of a CW shipping container is not compromised.  These containers can be surveyed and certified for export/import.  CW shipping containers are ideal for storage or logistics.

Wind and Watertight (WWT) Shipping Containers

Wind and watertight (WWT) shipping containers are considered B grade units.  Cosmetically they have exterior rust, dings, and dents.  However, even though WWT units may look rough, all of our WWT shipping containers remain backed by our guarantee.  WWT shipping containers are an excellent storage option for those not concerned about aesthetics and are looking for the lowest price available.